Wacker BS50-2 2 cycle
Rammer Tamper

Wacker BS50 rammer parts
Wacker Oil Injected Rammer
Tamper including the
Wacker BS50-2i, BS60-2i,
and BS70-2i

Wacker two stroke jumping jack
tamper parts
Wacker 4 cycle Rammer
and Jumping Jack Tamper
including the BS50-4s and

Wacker BS50 and BS60
jumping jack parts
Wacker DS70 Diesel
Powered Rammer Tamper

We sell Wacker diesel rammer
tamper parts
Premium Vibratory Plate
for Soil and Asphalt
Compaction including the
WP1550, WP1540,
WP1550AW, and WP1550A

WP1550A   $1819.00
Value Vibratory Plate
for Soil and Asphalt
Compaction including the
VP1135, VP1135AW,
VP1340, VP1340AW,
VP1550, VP1550AW,
VP2050A, and VP2050AW

VP1550A  $1529.90
Wacker Reversible Plate
for trenches and all types of
soil including the BPU2540,
BPU3050, BPU3050A,
BPU3545A, and

Wacker reversible plate
compactor parts
Hydrostatic Dual Drum
Vibratory Roller
including the RD 12, RD 16,
RD 27-100, and RD27-120

Wacker roller parts, drums,
exciters, exciter motors, body
panels, engine parts and
complete engines
We keep parts for RD11 rollers
Wacker Vibratory Walk
Behind Roller
for a wide range of soil and
asphalt including the
RD7H ES Double Drum
Roller, RS800A, and
RSS800A Single Drum
Wacker Vibratory Trench

We sell Wacker roller parts,
hydraulic pumps, seal kits,
rebuild kits, remote controls and
drum kits for RT56 and RT82

Narrow and wide drum kits for
Wacker trench rollers
We carry hydraulic pumps,
engine parts, remote control
transmitters, voltage regulators,
air filters, decoder modules and
receiving eyes for Wacker RT820,
RT82 and RT56 rollers.
Wacker Neuson Compaction Equipment and Wacker Neuson Plate Tamper Parts
Wacker parts include clutches, belts, carburetors, pistons, cylinder assemblies, ignition coils, shoes, baseplates, boots, handles, fuel
tanks, baseplate covers and more.  We stock Wacker compactor remotes and decoder modules for RT56 and RT82 walk behind tench
Please call for help with Wacker jumping jack rammer parts, trench roller parts, Wacker asphalt roller parts and compactor plate parts.

We sell new and rebuilt Wacker Neuson remote control transmitters for trench roller compactors -
Please call for details and availability - 573-785-3677
Please call for help with
Wacker parts, we stock
centrifugal clutches for
Wacker tampers and
replacement boots and
bellows for Wacker rammers -

We stock many replacement
parts for Wacker rammers
including the replacement
bellows (boot), bushings,
throttle controls, throttle
cables, shock mounts, air
filters, spark plugs, spring
sets, replacement shoes,
carbs, ignition coils, piston
rings and cylinder

We sell Wacker spare parts
for WM80 engines including;
mufflers, crankshafts, gaskets,
pistons, piston rings, air
filters, carburetors, ignition
coils and cylinder assemblies
Wacker compaction equipment
Please call for help with
Wacker parts
Wacker remote control transmitters for trench rollers
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parts online.  
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your part numbers, we will be available at 573-785-3677 to
provide you with pricing and availability.
Feel free to call us if you are unable to find the Wacker engine
part you are looking for.  Please call for help with Wacker
parts lookup.
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finding a Wacker Neuson
Roller part
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