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We stock parts for
Stone compactors,
bulldog trench rollers,
Stone stompers,
Stone tampers, walk
behind rollers and
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MBW plate
rammers, MBW
power trowels and
concrete mixers.
We stock parts for
Multiquip Rammax
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Multiquip Mikasa Plate
Compactors and Parts

Featuring the following models

Multiquip Mikasa brand plate compactors are
recognized as the industry standard for compacting
granular soils and asphalt.  Thousands of satisfied
users know that a Multiquip compactor has it all - top
performance, easy handling, low maintenance and
long life.

Mikasa MVC88 Multiquip Plate Compactor
Easy to use, easy to transport, the MVC 88 Mikasa
plate is the newest and most technically advanced
compactor on the market.  Our best selling plate
compactor now features an advanced anti-vibration
handle design that reduces vibration to the operator by
up to 50% compared to other plate tamps.

Mikasa MVC64 Plate Compactor
Perfect for small jobs or narrow areas.  Solid, high
strength steel base plate with curved edges provides
top performance.  Extra thick vibratory plate in back
provides longer wear time

Mikasa MVC40G Compactor
Tubular Steel roll bar cage protects engine
components and provides a lifting point.  Powered by
Robin engine.  Heavy duty steel base plate - closed
design, ribbed for extra strength.  Only 11.4" wide - this
plate tamper is ideal for narrow trenches

The Mikasa MVC90 Mikasa Asphalt Plate Compactor  
incorporates more
standard features than any other plate compactor in
the industry.  Powered by Robin or Honda engines with
oil alert and double V belt drive.  Durable steel water
distribution system.  Heavy duty steel base plate -
closed design, ribbed for extra strength