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Dowd Supply - Specializing in concrete construction products and supplies, light construction equipment and compaction equipment.
Dowd Supply Company has been serving the concrete construction industry since 1981, and we continue to provide our customers with quality construction products at
competitive prices.  We offer a wide range of compaction equipment from Wacker, Multiquip, Stone and MBW such as rammers, jumping jack tampers, plate compactors,
vibratory rollers, and trench rollers.  We carry a full line of concrete saws from Husqvarna including cutoff saws, diamond chain saws, Husqvarna ring saws, walk behind
saws, Husqvarna brick saws, tile saws, and concrete core drill rigs. Other products include Hilti Hammer drills, powder actuated fasteners, cordless tools, Hilti epoxy, Honda
generators and pumps, Multiquip mixers, CST/Berger lasers, levels, pipe lasers, Matcrete concrete stamps and texture skins, and Husqvarna concrete floor grinders and
surface preparation equipment.  We sell electric submersible pumps from brands like Tsurumi and Wacker.  Other Tsurumi products include trash pumps, dewatering pumps
and commercial grade generators.  We offer parts for Wacker concrete equipment, compaction equipment, and Wacker utility equipment such as; pumps, generators and
Wacker light towers.  
We also sell a variety of diamond blades for cutting concrete, asphalt, tile, brick, block, granite and other materials.  We have diamond blades suited for all types of
handheld cutoff saws, walk behind concrete and asphalt saws, and masonry wet saws.  We also offer diamond chains for concrete chain saws, diamond rings for concrete
cutting ring saws, and diamond core drill bits for concrete core drill rigs.
We offer a full line of wall forming and metal accessories from Dayton Superior, such as; wall ties, omni wedges, offset hangers for bridge construction, coil rod, coil nuts,
coil ties, coil bolts, rebar splicing kits, individual and continuous rebar chairs,loop ties, and resi-ply or steel-ply forming accessories.
Building materials include nail stakes for concrete forming, wire mesh rolls, wire mesh sheets and rebar.  We offer parts for dozers, loaders, excavators, graders and
backhoes, such as cutting edges, teeth, wear parts, buckets, replacement parts and turbo precleaners.  We sell Hensley ground engaging parts such as excavator teeth,
weld-on bucket lips, weld-on tooth adapters and shanks, side cutters for excavator buckets and pins for buckets and bucket teeth.  We also sell replacement cutting edges
and end bits for dozers and loaders.  Other heavy equipment parts include undercarriage parts, such as track pads, track rollers, sprockets, idler rollers, and sealed and
lubricated track rails.  We sell Mahle Clevite engine rebuild parts for Cat engines, dozers, dump trucks and other heavy duty engines.  
We sell Rigmaster products by Caldwell such as barrier grabs, pipe grabs, beam tongs, rail tongs and girder clamps.

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Spectra Precision Lasers
Spectra Precision lasers for general construction, leveling, grading and excavation, interior
construction and underground construction.  Featuring the new Spectra UL633, LL100, LL300,
LL400, GL422, HV301 and DR400 DigiRod Receiver.
Diamond Blades for Walk Behind
Concrete and Asphalt Saws
Husqvarna Target diamond blades for walk behind concrete saws and flat saws for cutting
concrete and asphalt, Millenium diamond blades, Banner line, Vanguard series diamond
blades, concrete cutting diamond saw blades and diamond wheels - Soff Cut diamond blades
Diamond Blades for Masonry Saws,
Brick Saws and Tile Saws
Husqvarna Target diamond blades used on masonry saws, tile saws, and brick saws for
efficient cutting of stone, tile, block, granite and other materials, diamond masonry cutting
blades, continuous rim diamond blades and diamond chains for concrete chainsaws
Hilti Anchors, Epoxy and Firestop
Hilti mechanical and adhesive anchors, gas and powder actuated fasteners, firestop, foam and
construction chemicals, diamond core bits, diamond blades, hammer drill bits, anchor bolts,
beam clamps, and construction epoxy for anchors and rebar
Hilti Power Tools

Hilti rotary hammers, hammer drills, construction lasers, powder actuated tools, cordless
power tools, reciprocating saws, pipe lasers, gas powered cutoff saws, epoxies, firestops,
diamond blades, drill bits, and anchoring systems - Featuring the new TE1000 Demo Hammer
Honda Generators and Honda generator
Honda super quiet generators, inverter generators, deluxe model generators, EU, EB, EG, EM
Series generators for construction, recreational use or home backup power, featuring the
Honda EU3000i Handi, EB10000 and EU7000i
Honda Pumps and Honda pump parts
Honda portable dewatering pumps, construction trash pumps, general purpose water pumps,
high pressure pumps and diaphragm pumps including the WH20X, WDP30X, we offer Honda
parts for Honda Dewatering pumps and construction trash pumps, including WT20X, WT30X
and the WT40X
Husqvarna Masonry Saws
Husqvarna brick saws, tile saws, stone cutting saws, masonry saws for cutting brick, block,
stone, granite, marble, tile and other materials, stands for tile saws and bricksaws, parts for
Husqvarna Target masonry saws
Husqvarna Walk Behind Concrete and
Asphalt Saws
Husqvarna walk behind saws for cutting concrete and asphalt, gas powered concrete saws,
diesel powered concrete saws, electric concrete saws, walk behind flat saws, parts for
Husqvarna Target walk behind saws
Husqvarna - Partner Handheld Power
Cutters -
Husqvarna concrete saw parts
Husqvarna Partner concrete cutoff saws, chopsaws, concrete cutters, ringsaws, concrete
chainsaws, concrete chains, featuring the new Husqvarna K760 Cut n Break, K760 cut off saw,
and K960 Chain - We stock
Husqvarna concrete saw rebuild kits and parts
Husqvarna Core Drilling Rigs and Drill
Husqvarna handheld core drills, core drill rigs, core drill stands for diamond core hole sawing
and diamond coring, concrete hole saws and bits, drill motors and stands for drilling holes in
concrete and other materials
Husqvarna Protective Equipment
Husqvarna hardhats, safety glasses, work gloves, earplugs, boot bags, backpacks, work bags
and hearing protectors, Husqvarna safety equipment, protective equipment, and the Husqvarna
Hearing Protector/Radio
Max Automatic Rebar Tier - Rebar Tying
Tools - RB397, RB517 and RB655
Max rebar tying systems - Featuring the Max RB397, RB517 and Max RB655 automatic rebar
tying tools - High speed rebar tying with one hand operation - 5 Times faster than manual rebar
tying, 16 ga and 21 ga steel, electro galvanized and poly coated tie wire for Max rebar tool
MBW Compaction and Concrete
Construction Equipment
Rammers, Plate Compactors, Power Trowels, Concrete Mixers, Compaction Rollers, Concrete
Vibrators, Concrete Screeds, Reversible Plates, Walk Behind Concrete Saws and More from
MBW Equipment - MBW parts and accessories
Matcrete Concrete Stamps and Texture
Matcrete decorative concrete stamps, texturing tools, seamless texture skins, Random Stone,
Cobbestone, Brick Runningbond, Mexican Tile, Ashler Slate, Wood rubber mats for stamping
concrete, color hardeners, integral concrete colors, sealers for decorative concrete
Multiquip Construction Products and
Multiquip Mikasa tampers, jumping jacks, rammers, Mikasa plate compactors, reversible
plates, Whiteman steel drum and poly drum mortar mixers, concrete mixers, rebar cutters and
benders, gas powered cutoff saws, concrete power buggies, generators, trash pumps,
dewatering pumps, Mix-n-go mixers, Rammax roller parts, Mikasa parts, Sidewinder parts
Tsurumi Pumps and Generators
Tsurumi submersible pumps, three phase slimline pumps, trash pumps, dewatering pumps,
sand pumps, high pressure pumps, floor level residue pumps, gas powered diaphragm
pumps and portable generators (up to 7000 watts) for the construction industry.`
Turbo Precleaners Turbo II / Turbo III
Turbo 2, Turbo 3 and Turbo Power Ram precleaners for construction, agricultural, mining and
military applications.  Turbo Precleaner sizes ranging from 3" up to 8" inlet size.  Turbo Power
Ram precleaners  feature operating range of 400 - 1500 CFM
Wacker Neuson Compaction Equipment
Wacker rammers, jumping jack tampers, plate compactors for soil and asphalt compaction,
Wacker packers, vibratory plates, reversible vibratory plates, parts for Wacker plate compactors
and Wacker rammer tampers - WP1550aw, WP1550a, BS50, BS60-2i, BS50-4,
Wacker parts
Wacker Neuson Concrete Finishing
Machines and Demolition Products
Wacker walk behind concrete power trowels, concrete finishers, concrete vibrators, power
concrete wet screeds, Wacker electric and gas breakers, rotary hammers, concrete cutoff
saws, concrete walk behind saws, demo saws, and high freq concrete vibrators - Wacker parts
Wacker Neuson Generators, Pumps
and Light Towers
Wacker portable generators, Wacker dewatering pumps, trash pumps, diaphragm pumps,
heavy duty portable light towers, parts for Wacker pumps, parts for Wacker generators, single
and three phase submersible pumps, Wacker generator parts - Wacker pump parts
Diamond Chains for Partner and
Husqvarna concrete chainsaws -
Chains for ICS hydraulic saws
We stock a wide range of concrete cutting diamond chains for Partner K950 concrete
chainsaws and Husqvarna K960 / K970 chainsaws.  We also have chains for ICS 613, 633gc
and 680 gas chainsaws and ICS 880f4 / 853 hydraulic concrete chainsaws
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Contractor Talk - Professional Construction and
Remodeling Forum
Hilti Tools and Systems
Mahle Clevite Turbochargers  - New Mahle aftermarket turbochargers
for the construction industry and heavy duty engines.  
Click Here to open the Mahle Turbocharger Catalog
Please call us for pricing and availability - 573-785-3677
Parts for Honda
Generators and Pumps
The NEW Husqvarna K760 Cutoff Saw
The Husqvarna K 760 Powercutter has long been a
highly popular all-round power cutter among construction
workers and landscapers. By improving a number of
large and small details, we’ve made the K760 demo saw
even more powerful, efficient, reliable and comfortable.
AGT Glow Aggregates for
Glow stones and sands for pool
decks, sidewalks, landscaping,
countertops and more.
These glow stones and glowing
sands are perfect for concrete
countertops and pavers.
Lists of decorative concrete
contractors, photo galleries and
technical information
We offer competitive pricing on undercarriage parts, cutting edges,
loader & backhoe / excavator buckets and teeth
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